A Chance to Eat a Big Mac with Donald Trump

Ads, masquarading as surveys, by the Trump 2020 election campaign have been appearing on a lot of the news sites and blogs I read such as Raw Story. I’ve filled out a few of those “surveys”. They have the sort of questions you would expect. For example, “Do you think the mainstream news media has treated Trump fairly?” To which I check “no”. In fact, my response to every single question makes it crystal clear I wouldn’t vote for Drumpf to be the town dog catcher let alone President of the USA. Which is why I use my tostupidtolive[at]skepticism.us email address.

Unsurprisingly that address is now getting almost daily emails from contact@victory.donaldtrump.com. Such as this one:

My Second Term Presidential Run is already off to a FANTASTIC start, and I want to celebrate with YOU.

I’m offering you and a guest the chance to have lunch with me in New York.

We’ll enjoy a great meal, talk about our shared vision for Keeping America Great, and even take a picture together.

My team will cover the cost of your flight, hotel, and meal. All you have to do is show up!

Contribute $5 before August 4th at 11:59 PM to be automatically entered to win lunch with me in New York.

Your incredible support has already led to PACKED arenas across the country and RECORD-BREAKING fundraising numbers. That’s why I want to thank YOU in person.

Hurry, we’ll be selecting the winner on August 5th so be sure to contribute NOW.

Please contribute $5 TODAY for your chance to win lunch with me in New York.

I’ll assume they really will be picking a couple of people at random from those who contribute $5 or more in response to that email campaign. Although, given Drumpf’s business practices I think the safer bet is no one will be having lunch with Idiot One who flies on Aircraft One. What I can’t fathom is there are people who think eating a Big Mac while listening to the incoherent brain farts of Idiot One is something to look forward to.