About that 95% approval rating metioned by Eric Trump

A few days ago Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump, stated on Fox & Friends that “95% of the country is behind him”. Which is obviously absurd since even the most popular presidents have never had an approval rating that high. Too, Trump has yet to have his approval rating exceed the percentage who disapprove of his job performance. So the question is where did Eric get that figure? I have a good idea after clicking on a web ad asking me to take a survey about Donald Trump. Low and behold after expressing my view this is what I saw:

Internet survey showing 93% approval of Trump

Notice it says 93% of the people who have taken this online, Internet, survey targeted at Trump supporters approve of his job performance. Wow! What a surprise. No doubt a few days ago it was 95%. So do the Drumpf’s actually believe that survey is representative of the whole population (in which case they are morons)? Or, is this just another example of the gaslighting they engage in on a continuous basis? Either way this is not normal and is dangerous to our future.