I love it when conservatives try to "own the libs"

Quartz reports:

People feel strongly about straws, and US president Donald Trump is here to capitalize on that. “Liberal paper straws don’t work,” tweeted Trump’s campaign, with a link to purchase a pack of 10 red plastic straws emblazoned with Trump’s name for $15.

If you think all that’s outrageous about a $1.50 plastic straw is the price, think again.

For environmentalists, plastic straws have become a potent symbol for the toxic and persistent scourge of single-use plastic—an everyday item that can be easily eliminated from use, not unlike the plastic bag.

Conservatives believe that liberals look down on them. They think liberals think conservatives are stupid. Guess what? When I read stories like the above what am I supposed to think? That paying $1.50 for a plastic straw that you will use once and throw away just to annoy liberals is intelligent? That creating more waste that harms wildlife is intelligent? No, I think you’re morons.