Mama Mary's whole grain pizza crust -- as good as cardboard

Last night I was at my local Grocery Outlet. They had some Mama Mary’s whole grain pizza crusts. I wasn’t intending to make pizza but decided to give them a try since they were heavily discounted (which should have been a warning sign). Even before baking the pizza I had my doubts. The crust was very stiff and was pockmarked with holes on both sides that is the hallmark of cheap, mechanically produced, pizza crust. Nonetheless, I put a bit of olive oil, tomato sauce, sliced mushrooms, pepperoni, and fresh basil and mozzarella on top. Popped it into a 425 degree oven till the cheese was bubbly and the pepperoni was just starting to crisp.

The crust was worse than I expected. Absolutely dreadful. As in, did I accidentally use cardboard as the base of my pizza awful.

These are a lot like the crust on a really cheap frozen pizza. So if you like Totino’s or Tombstone frozen pizza you might like Mama Mary’s whole grain crusts. But frankly, if you like that type of pizza why are you going to the trouble of assembling a pizza yourself? Putting good ingredients on top of these crusts is an absolute waste of good toppings. Save your money and time and just buy a cheap frozen pizza.