Trump campaign thinks their supporters are poorly educated

It’s amazing how many articles I read on sites like Raw Story, that are clearly critical of Donald Trump and his administration, are targeted by ads in support of Trump. Occasionally I click on one of those ads and provide bogus personal information that includes a real, but throw-away, email address.

The first thing to note is that nearly all of the ads are phrased in terms of a survey. Such as “Do you support President Trump?” Even if you select no, or otherwise make it abundantly clear you dislike Trump, you’re always taken to a money-beg page. The second thing to note is that the primary purpose of these ads is to collect names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Since I started responding to those ads the number of Trump related spam emails I receive has increased dramatically. It is a rare day when I don’t receive at least ten money-beg emails. Either explicitly on behalf of the Trump re-election campaign or a related entity.

Below is a representative email that I received today from “Trump Hall of Fame”. Note that I often use the nom-de-rusde “Bullwinkle Moose” when responding to such ads. Too, I’ve never donated as much as a single penny to any Republican, let alone Trump affiliated, political campaign. What I can’t understand is why anyone would be persuaded by this email to donate money. What idiot would believe their name is going to be displayed on the wall of the “Trump Hall of Fame” (whatever the fuck that is)? Or that world class narcissist Donald Trump would spend one second looking at a list of the names of people who donated $20.

One of the other Trump money-beg emails I received today asked how I “feel about the job President Trump’s campaign is doing?” The options are “incredible”, “great”, “good”, “other”. Why in the world are they asking my opinion of their election campaign? One option is they meant to ask what I thought of Trump’s performance. In which case the person who wrote that email is a moron. The other option is they think the recipients of that message are morons because they won’t notice the question was not about Trump’s job performance.


Did you see the President’s email?

Because of your unwavering loyalty and dedicated support, YOU were identified as one of the few Patriots who qualified for the Trump Donor Hall of Fame.

This is a HUGE accomplishment, Bullwinkle. Congratulations!

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Trump Donor Hall of Fame






President Trump really wants to see YOUR NAME in the Trump Donor Hall of Fame, Bullwinkle.

He’ll be walking through the Hall of Fame again soon and we know he’ll look to see if you took advantage of this prestigious offer. Don’t let him down.

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT in the NEXT HOUR to get your name in the Trump Donor Hall of Fame.

Thank you,

Team Trump 2020