Nine months after I called WranglerStar an asshole for proselytizing in the wrong context another Christian berates me

Nine months ago I commented on a YouTube video and wrote a blog article about a hyper religious individual who can’t resist proselytizing in the wrong context (i.e., an ostensibly secular YouTube video). Yesterday someone named “Tommy Rad” replied to my comment. A full month since the previous reply.

Devout Christians, and highly religious people in general, just cannot let criticism of their beliefs pass without a comment. I stopped responding to those replies to my comment long ago but this most recent reply was too good to ignore. What follows are the statements from Tommy Rad with my replies.

“Well it IS his YT channel”.

Thanks for that information. I thought this channel was owned by the Freedom From Religion Foundation ( I completely missed the blindingly obvious fact that Cody created this channel to publish videos he creates under the pseudonym Wranglerstar. </eyeroll>

“did you send letters to CBS, NBC back in the day when they would sign-off with a prayer at midnight?”

I was born in 1961. I’ve seen plenty of broadcast TV sign-offs and never once saw a prayer. But then I grew up in Portland, OR where religion isn’t a big part of life for most people. I don’t doubt that specific stations may have done so (especially in the “bible belt”) but it was clearly not a uniform policy of NBC, CBS, ABC. And, yes, if I saw any channel that is not explicitly religious (e.g., TBS) in nature do what you describe I would complain to that station.

“The world has become a cesspit under the philosophy of secularism at the reins of the ‘progressives’.”

Really? That will come as quite a surprise to most European countries; especially the Scandinavian countries. Even in the USA measures of societal health show that the most religious states have the most problems (teen pregnancy, drug use, crime, poverty, etc.).

“Have you heard the utterly disgusting, life-hating vitriol coming from the lips of your secular 3rd-wave feminists?”

No, I haven’t. Perhaps you can provide some examples.

“Good job my friend, good job.”

Thank you. It is good for our future that people are abandoning religion in favor of secularism and humanist values.

70 years ago the nuclear nightmare begins

The following movie came to my attention thanks to Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog. Since today is the 70th anniversary of America’s bombing of Hiroshima the following video showing when and where nuclear explosions have occurred from 1945 to 1998 is relevant and sobering.

I was born in 1961 and remember “duck and cover” drills at school. When going shopping at the local mall or department store meant looking for the nuclear civil defense fallout shelter signs indicated you should go in the event of a nuclear explosion. I didn’t know anyone who had a bomb shelter in their back yard but it was certainly discussed and magazines like Popular Mechanics had articles about building one. So when I watch todays GOP representatives argue against the Obama administration’s Iran nuclear agreement I think about stuffing the lot of them into a suburban backyard bomb shelter without food or water and padlocking the door.

Mr. Deity on the Chapel Hill murders

In this video Brian Keith Dalton, aka “Mr. Deity”, talks about the Chapel Hill murders of three Muslims by Craig Hicks who self identifies as an atheist. This video is part of Mr. Dalton’s “Way of the Mister” series. Here he points out the hypocrisy of those who blame the violence on New Atheists, none of whom call for violence, while defending (or apologizing for) adherents of religions which do explicitly call for violence against believers of other religions (or no religion at all):

P.S., If you haven’t watched any of the “Mr. Deity” videos you really should. Regardless of whether you’re a believer or non-believer in religious dogma.

How to connect with anyone (youtube video edition)

This short (five minute) Youtube video about eye contact and intimacy almost made me cry. This is the summary for the video:

Studies say that 4 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact can increase intimacy. To test this this theory out, we brought in six pairs in different stages of their relationship and had them try it. How do you stay connected? Check out the NYT article that inspired the video: