FRC says the “left” hates free speech

Yet another email from the Family Research Council pronouncing the end of America has arrived in my inbox. This one begins

I thought I’d seen it all.

that is a link to a page begging for a $50 donation (or more if you are so inclined). The page does not contain any useful information about the reason you should send them money. For that matter the original email contains statements like

It seems Democrats want “free speech” to consist only of government-authorized speech.

And “This is a naked power grab.” Which are both gross distortions of reality. What is involved is a, admittedly problematic, attempt to deal with the “Citizens United” Supreme Court case.

The FRC even mentions that the ACLU opposes the legislation. Yet nowhere in the email is there a single link to the bill, the ACLU’s position, or anything that actually sheds light on the situation. Instead there are eleven links to the same page begging for a $50, or more, donation. And, of course, they manage to play the persecution card by characterizing this bill as an attempt “to muzzle the Christian viewpoint”.

There’s a reason the FRC’s target audience are called low information voters. And this email is a prime example. For the record you can read about the bill at ThinkProgress and the ACLU’s position.

FRC action alert: Pamela Harris

Earlier this year I signed up under a non-de-plume for Family Research Council (FRC) alerts.

Today the FRC (Family Research Council) sent me an irony laden email outlining the frightening outcomes should Pamela Harris be confirmed by the Senate.

President Obama is on a mission to fill the nation’s highest courts with activist judges who will rubber stamp his liberal agenda.

Obama’s nominations are totally unlike his Republican predecessors in that regard according to the FRC. I’m sure that when Saint Ronnie nominated Antonin Scalia the idea that Scalia would rubber stamp the conservative agenda was the furthest thing from Ronnie’s mind. Although, to be fair, it’s not clear how much was actually on his mind other than his next milk and cookies and nap time.

His latest candidate is Georgetown Law professor and self-proclaimed “liberal” Pamela Harris.

Why the scare quotes around liberal? Is Ms. Harris a liberal in name only? Apparently dog whistles are so hard to hear extra punctuation is required to get the point across.

Frankly, that is sufficient for me to heartily urge my Senators to confirm her with all possible haste. Anyone who frightens the FRC gets my vote. Surprisingly this message only had one tiny donate link at the bottom. So apparently it won’t trigger the Christian apocalypse if Ms. Harris becomes a federal judge.

Could We See a New Comstock Act?

I was listening to the American Freethought podcast and they mentioned the Comstock Act. I had read about those laws (enacted 141 years ago) in books about the history of secularism. The title of the act was “Suppression of Trade in, and Circulation of, Obscene Literature and Articles of Immoral Use”. In practical terms that meant contraceptive devices and information about contraception. In light of the Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court of the U.S., the behavior of Republicans in the U.S. Congress, and other disturbing trends at the state level I can’t help but wonder if we might not see something similar become the law of the land again.

If only there was a way to make religious puritans less concerned that someone, somewhere, might be enjoying themselves.