Interesting reviews of Nick Offerman’s new book

I learned today, thanks to The Daily Show, that Nick Offerman (best known for playing Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation”) has a new book titled “Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America’s Gutsiest Troublemakers”. I loved his first book, “Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man’s Fundamentals for Delicious Living” and gave it a rare five star rating. I would listen to him read the back of a box of breakfast cereal. So I was elated to learn that his new book was available on and rushed over there to purchase a copy.

Some of the Audible listener reviews from conservatives are jaw dropping. The first is from Erin Gilmore who writes

It’s not as good as his first book. Very heavy on politics and religion, and sadly Mr. Offerman adheres to most of the Hollywood ideology. While he tries to come across as middle of the road, he most definitely spouts off his hatred against anyone who believes in God and anyone who is conservative. I honestly think he’s still trying to figure out what he truly believes.

Erin is clearly not reading (or listening) for comprehension. It was absolutely clear in Offerman’s first book that he is a “Hollywood” liberal and has a low opinion of evangelical Christians (which Erin appears to be). I honestly don’t understand how she could be surprised that he continues to exhibit disdain for people like her in his second book. Too, I still don’t understand how a “Hollywood” liberal differs from someone like myself; a software engineer with zero artistic ability but a very liberal viewpoint.

The second is from Kenny who writes

I really wanted to like this book. Unfortunately he seems to be stereo typical Hollywood liberal. Stating very many opinion that have very little facts to support then. Corporations are evil, GMO’s, hydraulic fracturing, cars, technology, USA are all evil. It seems to me he wishes that the country in the world would stay in the 1900s and have stopped evolving since then. His writings on World War II are downright juvenile. Overall there are some very interesting characters that I hadn’t know the ton about before hand. Unfortunately his spouting made me want to constantly turn this audiobook off.

I love that Kenny can say with a straight face that “His writings… are downright juvenile.” while being incapable of writing a grammatically correct sentence or coherent paragraph. Something most people who read books are able to do by the time they reach adulthood. Kenny also felt the need to post the same review twice.

I don’t know if Cody is being sincere or trolling but I agree with the sentiment about Offerman’s first book when he comments that

Mr. Offerman has come into his own with this book writing thing. His second book is exponentially better than his first and I enjoyed the first more than a colonoscopy. That being said, I can’t wait to read his sixth book

Californians starting to worry about climate change

Andy Borowitz nails it again at “The Borowitz Report” from which I give you a couple paragraphs:

SACRAMENTO (The Borowitz Report) – A new poll shows that Americans who were unconcerned about climate change as it wreaked havoc around the world are beginning to worry, now that global warming is affecting the appearance of their lawns.


In interviews across the state of California, residents expressed anger and outrage that climate change had been allowed to worsen to the point that it has now severely limited their choice of ground cover, shrubs, and other decorative plantings.

Yes, it’s satire. Sadly it also reflects the reality that most people are self-centered and unable to think beyond next week and therefore won’t take climate change seriously until it affects them personally. Not to mention that they are likely to be upset by trivial effects (e.g., not being able to have a quarter-acre of lawn). It will be interesting to see how we react when forced to deal with major impacts like another dust bowl.

Deepak Chopra is aging despite his mind-over-matter B.S.

Deepak Chopra (aka “Deepity* Bullshit”) has made numerous statements such as

Contrary to our traditional notions of ageing, we can learn to direct the way our bodies metabolise time.

Julia Sweeney hilariously discusses this in her book “Letting Go of God”. If you haven’t listened to the audiobook version of her book I strongly encourage you to do so. This picture concisely captures the issue:

Deepak Chopra Getting Old

It appears to me that Deepak Chopra is aging at the rate we expect of normal humans. That is, humans who do not know how to “direct the way our bodies metabolise time”. The fact that this charlatan and huckster appears on PBS (Public Broadcasting System) so often, especially during “pledge drives”, is the main reason I no longer donate to that organization.

  • This is the definition of “Deepity” from Wikipedia:

Deepity is a term employed by Daniel Dennett in his 2009 speech to the American Atheists Institution conference, coined by the teenage daughter of one of his friends. The term refers to a statement that is apparently profound but actually asserts a triviality on one level and something meaningless on another. Generally, a deepity has (at least) two meanings: one that is true but trivial, and another that sounds profound, but is essentially false or meaningless and would be “earth-shattering” if true.

Supporting atheist and skeptic content

A web site named Patreon makes it easy to support the producers of atheist, science, and skeptical content you enjoy. Please consider donating as little as $1 to encourage people to continue making content you enjoy. More importantly those people produce content that makes believers in gods and anti-science views consider whether they should change their views.

These are the content producers I’m currently supporting and encourage you to follow and support if you can:

  • Darkmatter2525 produces fantastic animations available view YouTube that graphically illustrate the absurdities in the Christian Bible.
  • Aron Ra works hard to promote science, rational thinking, and education.

  • Jesus & Mo has been creating comic strips featuring the Christian Jesus and Muslim Mohammed (and a secular bar maid) since 2005 that illustrate the funny things people believe.

Religious people donate to their church and other sectarian organizations. It’s important that we donate to the secular and pro-science organizations that are making the future a better place. There are many deserving recipients. Some, such as the the Skeptics Guide to the Universe have their own mechanism to contribute separate from Patreon. The important thing is to support the individuals and groups that are working to promote a more rational, secular, science friendly world.