Why “Life Itself”?

The blog title “Life Itself” is shamelessly stolen from the movie and book of the same name celebrating the life of movie critic Roger Ebert. It was coincidence that I had recently seen the movie when I decided to start this blog. Yet as a long time admirer of Mr. Ebert, especially for his support for humanistic principles, as well as a cinephile (I typically see two movies each week) it seemed fitting. I hope I exhibit half his courage and positive attitude if I ever have to deal with a major illness.

Time to begin blogging

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a few years but couldn’t find the time to setup a site. This has bothered me each time I’ve wanted to publish something potentially useful to others. For example, how to setup an application or workaround a bug or quirk of some piece of software. After one too many lost opportunities I’ve finally setup WordPress on my home server. Today begins what I hope will be at least weekly posts. The posts will typically cover something interesting I’ve learned related to computer technology, social issues (especially related to atheism and religion), or things happening in my life such as my first participation in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade (more on that later).