I am surprised that an ISP (serversaustralia.com.au) is ethical

I received an email a few days ago telling me about an opportunity for me, as a customer, to obtain a discount on other services an ISP provided. Since I wasn’t a customer I told them shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. I was surprised to receive a response from someone in the organization telling me this:

Please accept our sincere apologies for the Marketing communication you received. This was an inadvertent error. Your email address was accidentally added from our support desk ticket system from tickets you had open with us last year that you sent to the abuse@ email address. It won’t happen again. I am deleting your record from the system.

That type of response is so rare that I feel compelled to write about it. If the majority of companies behaved similarly we would have far fewer problems. I’m looking at you Facebook, Google, and every other ISP.

Does Robert Murray, who owns “Murray Energy Corporation”, shove coal up his ass?

Rumors I’ve heard suggest that Robert Murray, the owner of “Murray Energy Corporation”, likes to shove clumps of coal up his rectum for sexual pleasure.

Obviously I just made that up and don’t really mean it. But I felt compelled to write this in support of first amendment rights after I learned that the aforementioned individual decided to sue comedian John Oliver and the “Last Week Tonight” show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvUp5f2ThPc.

Mr. Murray is the type of individual I would not piss on if they were on fire. Society is better off is such “snowflakes” are culled from the herd.

Laura Ingraham thinks worms are the same thing as viruses

Laura Ingraham, a prominent right-wing blowhard, on her radio program said

I’m just getting very confused about the nature of this enemy. Is it those scary little worms that Drudge always has on the Drudge Report? The scary little Ebola worms? Is that the real threat to national security?

This is a person who graduated from Dartmouth college. Proof positive that a college degree is not prima facie evidence the holder is intelligent. This was my comment to the article:

I sincerely hope that the professors and administrators of the “Ivy League” universities are deeply ashamed when they think of Laura Ingraham, Rick Santorum, George Bush and the other cretins upon whom they bestowed degrees. Of course I also sincerely hope to get a date with the actress who plays the wife of Nick Brody on the television series “Homeland”. I expect my hopes to be dashed upon the rocks.

My favorite movie theater has made me sad

What follows is an email I sent to the operators of my favorite movie theatre: Camera Cinemas.

The Camera Cinemas theaters get 99% of my movie viewing business. I especially value the independent, documentary, and foreign films shown at Camera 3. Today I watched “The Notebook” at Camera 3. So I was dismayed to find “Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering” listed on the page for upcoming films. Mr. Merola’s film is a documentary only in the most narrow sense. See, for example, this review or this one.

Or read any of the articles by Dr. David Gorski about this ideologue.

I love thought provoking films. In the future please consider whether you should give screen time, and thus legitimacy, to a “documentary” (scare quotes intentional) that espouses such extremely fringe ideas.