Someone in the Catholic church of Australia plays video games on his Apple Mac computer

Tonight I was reviewing my web server logs and noticed a “GET /2014/08/logitech-f710-controller-on-mac-os-x/” request from IP address That address is assigned to I hope that blog view wasn’t from a child being abused, or about to be abused, under the control of a Catholic priest in Australia. If the request was from an adult in that organization how are they spending their time? Which is to say, why are they spending time playing video games rather than sucking God’s cock?

P.S., Yes, this is a lame attempt to mimic the style of the Rude Pundit. Nonetheless, I do seriously worry that a child being abused by a Catholic priest did an Internet search and found my blog article. And if it was an adult in that organization then what the hell are they doing playing video games (something most hyper religious people consider a satanic activity) rather than praying and other such useless sectarian activities?

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2 thoughts on “Someone in the Catholic church of Australia plays video games on his Apple Mac computer”

  1. Why do you talk about religion obsessively if you’re an Atheist? I think it’s more likely that you’re just a Christian hater.

    1. Atheists talk a lot about religion because we believe it does more harm than good in the world. You’ll also find that most atheists don’t “hate” Christianity more than any other religion. I comment on Christianity a lot because I live in the USA and it is the dominant religion here and has the greatest impact on the society I live in.

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