Totally cool: brandishing an assault gun in an airport

Arizona is a dangerous place to live or visit. They allow open-carry of guns in “non-secure” portions of an airport. So a gun nut decided to brandish his AR-15 in the Phoenix airport. This wasn’t someone who lives in a shack and uses his gun to hunt for food. It was Dr. Peter Steinmetz, Director, Neuroengineering Program at the Barrow Neurological Institute.

Someone in the comment thread to the Salon article pointed out that you never point a gun at a person. Wrong. You don’t point a gun at someone to intimidate them and get them to do what you want. You never point a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them. Period. Full stop.

Holy shit! In what universe does it make sense to allow anyone to openly carry a “tool” with no purpose other than to kill into an airport (or shopping mall, etc.)? Furthermore, why wasn’t this asshole shot by police or put in a choke hold? Oh, right, he’s a middle-aged white man rather than a young man with brown skin. I really need to move to a sane country.

Hobby Lobby not really pro-family?

This article and this article allege that Hobby Lobby fired a pregnant employee when she took time off to give birth. What a surprise. Not! As with most well off Xians the Green family puts corporate profits ahead of the family. Despite their protestations that “family values” are the most important thing in the world.

Everyone, including atheists, hold inconsistent views. What makes people like the Greens so despicable is their insistence that Christianity provides them with moral absolutes which makes them superior to non-Xians. Yet they flout that moral guidance on a daily basis in ways small and large. At least atheists don’t claim divine guidance and will frequently acknowledge when they’re being inconsistent or need to change their views.

It’s a shame that the Xian hell doesn’t exist because otherwise I could take pleasure in the thought that people like the Greens would be guaranteed extra attention by Satan.

P.S., Consider also that Hobby Lobby purchases many of its products from China — a country with state mandated, not just supported or allowed, abortion. If I ever meet a xian who isn’t a hypocrite on anything but trivial matters (e.g., telling a “white” lie despite the prohibition against “bearing false witness”) I’ll donate to my nearest pedophile support network Catholic church.

Lucy movie review

I saw Lucy yesterday. One thing I haven’t seen discussed in other reviews is the trigger for Lucy’s transformation. Specifically, how ridiculous it is. Supposedly this is a new drug that the dealers understand well enough to know it will be in high demand. So much so that they can afford to use incredibly expensive high risk means of getting the drug to the target markets. And yet they don’t know that it can enhance cognitive powers. Can you say “WTF?”.

Similarly, immediately after the drug enters Lucy’s body and her mind is now “operating at 20% of its ability” she is able to defy gravity. Something that isn’t supposed to be possible (according to the dialog by Morgan Freeman’s character) until much higher percentages are reached. There’s a ton of similar inconsistencies and absurdities in the film.

Still, it was a fun movie and Ms. Johansson was the perfect choice for the role. Just don’t expect La Femme Nikita.

No gravity in space

Ray “Banana Man” Comfort stated that there is no gravity in space. He has subsequently apologized for such a bone-headed statement:

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 21.25.30

As Professor Myers points out in that tweet Ray is still wrong. From Ray’s Facebook post:

While there is invisible gravity in space (so much for “seeing is believing”), this massive earth hangs on nothing. It has no visible means of support — similar to the no means of support backing Darwinian evolution.

Gravity is no more invisible in space than it is on the surface of the Earth. Also, the assertion that “this massive earth hangs on nothing” is not even wrong. And, once again, he shows that he is incapable of recognizing evidence for, let alone understanding of, the theory of evolution.

If Ray Comfort was merely a delusional crank on a street corner shouting at people he would merit sympathy. But he’s a highly regarded Christian Apologist doing his best to turn back the clock four hundred years.

web passwords to avoid

I set this web server and WordPress blog up three weeks ago. Since then there have been eleven attempts to hack it via password guessing. Below is a table of the passwords the hackers tried for your amusement. The login names tried were admin, my user name (from my email address), and variations of the blogs host name. If any of your passwords look like these you should consider changing your password to something stronger.

password password password password
0 00 000 0000
00000 000000 0000000 00006666
00009999 010203 012345 0123456
012345678 0123456789 1 10031990
100483 100500 100656 100660
100789 10081976 10091965 101010
101165 101182 1011990 10121982
100789 10081976 10091965 101010
101165 101182 1011990 10121982
1031970 1031974 1031991 10387
1041987 1051957 1091983 11
11011977 1101988 1101990 111
1111 11111 111111 1111111
11111111 111222333 112112 112233
11223344 1122334455 12 12081964
121121 121212 12121212 123
123098 123123 123123123 123123a
123321 1234 12341234 1234321
12344321 12345 123454321 123456
1234565 1234567 12345678 123456789
1234567890 1234567890qwert 123456789qwerty 123456a
123456q 12345a 12345q 12345qwert
1234qwer 1234rewq 123654 123890
123qwe 123qwe123 12qwaszx 13
130175 13021984 13121965 131313
135 14 140361 140394
140578 14061986 14071959 140989
147258 147852 15 150493
159357 159753 159951 16
160383 160873 161095 17
17011977 170188 17031987 171095
180765 18121995 19011992 190466
19051966 19071983 190993 19101987
191085 1912 19121963 1928
1951 1976 1nternet 1q2w3e
1q2w3e4r 1q2w3e4r5t 1q2w3e4r5t6z 1q2w3e4r5t6z7u
1qaz2wsx 1qaz2wsx3edc 1qazxsw2 1qw23e
2 20 2002 200677
200687 2007 200886 201083
202020 2041987 20773 2081970
21 2101962 210384 210579
210580 210674 210693 2112
21 2101962 210384 210579
210580 210674 210693 2112
212121 220883 220890 220957
222111 22222 222222 223344
2243 230291 230486 232323
2345678 240286 246 249
250489 250664 252525 260296
260687 261073 261084 262546
270799 270882 270992 271165
280183 280186 280880 281186
281256 290569 290579 290670
291185 291268 3 300193
300584 300892 310385 310592
3121991 31295 321 321123
321321 33333 3333333 33333333
336699 343434 34521 345qwerty
369 369369 4011991 4031972
4041978 41078 4121989 41292
424242 4321 444 4444
44444 445566 456321 456789
45M2DO5BS 505050 50761 50780
50991 5111980 5252 531531531
555 5555 55555 555555
555666 5678 576823 6021980
60455 60678 60890 6091970
60994 6121998 654321 666
666666 66666666 6969 696969
69696969 7007 7071955 7081973
7654321 777 777777 7777777
789456 789789 789987 80163
8021995 80876 87654321 888
8888 88888 888888 8888888
88888888 9021957 9021989 9021996
90591 9081942 911911 9121976
91276 92072 98765 9876543
90591 9081942 911911 9121976
91276 92072 98765 9876543
987654321 9876543210 9988 999
9999 99999 999999999 a12345
aaa aaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa
aaaaaaaa aaaaaxxxxx abc123 access
adgj adm admin admin1
admin12 admin123 admin1234 admin123456789
admin1234567890 admin1235 admin2011 admin2014
adminadmin adminadmins adminemail Administrator
administrator123 adminpass admin_password angle
asd123 asdasd asdf asdfgh
asdfghjkl asdfzxcv asdzxc cooladmin
david demo flvbybcnhfnjh fred
future garena gfhjkm ghbdtn
klaster krader linux ljgda
louis margaret mars mercury
mypass nokia orange P%40ssw0rd
pass pass1234 passw Passw0rd
passwd pAssword password1 passwords
piyrw q1w2e3 q1w2e3r4 q1w2e3r4t5
qazwsx qazwsxedc qazxsw qazxswedc
qazxswedcvfr qazzaq qetu qqq111
qqqq qqqqqq qwas qwaszx
qwe qwe123 qwe123asd qwe321
qweasd qweasdzxc qweqwe qwer1234
qwerasdf qwert qwert123 qwert12345
qwerty qwerty12 qwerty123 qwerty123456
qwerty7 qwertyu qwertyui qwertyuiop
root samsung secrecy secret
Sendit skepticism Soccer
support123 test test123 user
user123 xxx xxxx zxcv
zxcvbn zxcvbnm zxscvfbnh zzzzxxxx

John Oliver nails our incarceration problem

This segment by John Oliver on his new show “Last Week with John Oliver” pretty well sums up the problems with the US criminal justice system:

Then read “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” and “The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap“. Then consider yourself lucky if you’re a relatively well off white person in the United States. And if you are a member of that group hang your head in shame if you aren’t doing anything to correct this huge injustice.

Michigan town mayor disparages atheists

Another day another case of a town mayor comparing atheists to Nazis and the KKK. Although given that traditionally the KKK was made up of good God fearing white Christians (the type of people Mayor James Fouts of Warren, MI seems to favor) I’m perplexed by the latter comparison.

Subject: atheists not welcome here

I’m confused when you say you “cannot accept or will not allow a group that is disparaging of another group”. Isn’t that what most Christian sects do? Perhaps your city motto should read “We work for Warren taxpayers — as long as you belong to an acceptable sect of Christianity”. When you lose the lawsuit(s) being brought against you for attempting to establish a state sanctioned religion I hope your residents show enough sense to kick you to the curb.

Dog + Car + Hot Day == Dead Dog Owned By Moron

So I’m leaving the Safeway grocery store this afternoon and I see a panting dog in a Toyota RAV 4 (small SUV) with all the windows rolled up in direct sun with the ambient temperature 85°F (29°C). I have the store manager page the owner. Another bystander calls the police. Ten minutes later the moron comes out of the store. I express my displeasure. The moron claims not to speak english (but pretty clearly does). She rolls down the windows two inches and goes back into the store. A few minutes later she comes out with one item. She moves the car twenty meters. It’s still in direct sun. She goes back into the store.

More time passes (perhaps ten minutes). She comes out of the store a third time. Just as she begins backing out of the parking spot the police arrive. Hooray. I stand behind her vehicle until the officer can park and get out of his vehicle. I hope he wrote her a citation but more likely is he gave her a lecture. Hopefully that will be enough to keep her from killing her dog tomorrow when the temperature is predicted to hit 99°F (38°C).

If you want to kill your dog do it in a more humane fashion than baking it in your car.

Butthurt doctor threatens lawsuit

An invaluable source of medical information for the lay person is being sued in an attempt to suppress legitimate criticism.

Dr. Edward Tobinick seems to think litigation, rather than published peer reviewed studies, is the proper way to address criticism of his practices. Here’s wishing that Dr. Novella and SBM prevail so that cranks like Dr. Tobinick learn that frivolous lawsuits are a waste of time.

Update 2014-08-24: You can find more information and an easy way to donate to the defense of this SLAPP [here](
Update 2015-10-04: I just read, via the [Consumer Health Digest]( mailing list that the lawsuit was dismissed by the court. Yay for freedom of speech and anti-SLAPP laws.

FRC action alert: Pamela Harris

Earlier this year I signed up under a non-de-plume for Family Research Council (FRC) alerts.

Today the FRC (Family Research Council) sent me an irony laden email outlining the frightening outcomes should Pamela Harris be confirmed by the Senate.

President Obama is on a mission to fill the nation’s highest courts with activist judges who will rubber stamp his liberal agenda.

Obama’s nominations are totally unlike his Republican predecessors in that regard according to the FRC. I’m sure that when Saint Ronnie nominated Antonin Scalia the idea that Scalia would rubber stamp the conservative agenda was the furthest thing from Ronnie’s mind. Although, to be fair, it’s not clear how much was actually on his mind other than his next milk and cookies and nap time.

His latest candidate is Georgetown Law professor and self-proclaimed “liberal” Pamela Harris.

Why the scare quotes around liberal? Is Ms. Harris a liberal in name only? Apparently dog whistles are so hard to hear extra punctuation is required to get the point across.

Frankly, that is sufficient for me to heartily urge my Senators to confirm her with all possible haste. Anyone who frightens the FRC gets my vote. Surprisingly this message only had one tiny donate link at the bottom. So apparently it won’t trigger the Christian apocalypse if Ms. Harris becomes a federal judge.